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Werediggle Curse

"Werediggles gonna weredig."

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Werediggle Form
Assume the form of a Werediggle! While it lasts, you get multipliers to your attacks, but lose the ability to use non-Werediggle skills until the attack wears off.
Ability: Werediggle Form
Diggle Plague64
Diggle Plague
While in your Werediggle form, you may give enemies the dreaded Diggle Plague.
Toxic (Damage)+1 Putrefying (Damage)+1
Toxic (Resistance)+1 Putrefying (Resistance)+2
Ability: Diggle Plague
Werediggles of London64
Werediggles of London
Power up your Werediggle Form with increased damage resistance! (Big dish of beef chow mein not included.)
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Hyperborean (Resistance)+1 Voltaic (Resistance)+1
Life Points+5 Block Chance+4 Armour Absorption+2 Health Regeneration Bonus+4
Going Commando64
Going Commando
What's better than a Diggle? An invisible Diggle.
Sneakiness+5 Ability: Going Commando
It Comes out of Where?!64
It Comes out of Where?!
Lay a Diggle Egg! Why would you ever want to do this?!
Ability: It Comes out of Where?!
The Mighty Auger64
The Mighty Auger
In a hurry? Need to get out of a jam? Use your massive nose to smash through walls!
Piercing (Damage)+3
Crushing (Resistance)+1 Piercing (Resistance)+1
Ability: The Mighty Auger
Arch-Diggle Smash64
Arch-Diggle Smash
Do a LOT of damage to something, albeit with a very long cool-down.
Ability: Arch-Diggle Smash inflicts bleeding
Dr. Diggle and Mr. Hyde64
Dr. Diggle and Mr. Hyde
Your diggleness is taking over. When in human form, you keep thinking about nests and drilling. You don't know who to talk to about this.
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Hyperborean (Resistance)+1 Voltaic (Resistance)+1
Burliness+2 Caddishness+2
Melee Power+2 Dodge Chance+5 Armour Absorption+2


  • Werediggle Curse is a Rogue skill
  • While in Werediggle form, you keep any buffs on you, like from Power of Magic Steel from Viking Wizardry
  • While in Werediggle form, you DON'T lose all passive bonuses from other skills; apparently, you don't get Primary Stats bonuses, while keeping any Secondary Stats (any Secondary Stat that would be decreased due to a loss of Primary Stat are also reduced). [TEST PENDING]
  • All passives above are only while in Werediggle form