Skill vampirism
Quench that Insatiable Thirst with the tingly life-fluid of your enemires - but beware the day-star, for your end under its unforgiving gaze would be swift and sparkly. As a vampire, you can only heal by unnatural means.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill vampirism
Blood SuckerYour melee attacks are stronger and occassionally drain life from your enemies
Dmg necromatic resist+1 Ability: Blood Sucker
Vampirism1 64
Drinker of the DeadDrain corpses of their blood to gain (un)life. Bottoms up!
Ability: Drinker of the Dead
Vampirism2 64
Sparkly GlamourYou can dazzle your enemies to leave them stunned by your spooky, sparkly vampire glamour.
Ability: Sparkly Glamour
Psychic vampire64
Psychic VampireYour spooky vampiric mind powers allow your melee attacks a chance to syphon off mana and wreak confucion in your enemies.
Dmg necromatic resist+1
TransylvationYou can transform into a batty to make your escape. REEeee! (Thats the sound a bat makes.)


  • Vampires cannot eat any form of food; However they can eat fungus so you can use Fairy Fungus to heal yourself.
  • As a vampire, you will probably want some guaranteed means of healing yourself outside of attacking enemies and/or consuming their corpses. There are four skills that may help with this: Alchemy (for healing potions), Fungal Arts (for Fairywodger), Fleshsmithing (Knit Tissue at rank 3), and Psionics (Crystal Healing at rank 3). Of these, Fungal Arts and Fleshsmithing are probably the least useful, because Fungal Arts generally require corpses which can otherwise directly be consumed for health, and Fleshsmithing's buffs and debuffs outside of Knit Tissue are fairly useless to a vampire, with the additional downside of higher level abilities also using up corpses. Psionics is particularly handy, as it provides various utility spells that sleep/paralyze/push away enemies giving enough time to get Crystal Healing to work. Alchemy, outside of creating a variety of melee enhancing potions, also has the advantage of boosting Sagacity for a vampire warrior, thereby increasing hit point drain.
  • Emomancy from the Realm of the Diggle Gods expansion also provides a useful healing ability.
  • Another convenient way of healing is to have a skill that will summon a pet, such as Summon Wyrmling (Ability). You can attack your own pet for hit points, and they will not attack back.
  • The Blood sucker feat also works off Area effect attacks healing you for each monster hit (including melee weapon special attacks)
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