Skill unarmed
Who needs weapons? Destroy enemies with your mighty feet. Skills in this group enhance damage and accuracy of unarmed attacks.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Unarmed art0 64
Small Cricket ApprenticeWhere did you receive your training? Chechnya? Afghanistan? This skill makes you tougher, faster, stronger, better. And your unarmed attacks pierce armour.
Dmg crushing+1 Dmg piercing+1
Stat meleepower+1 Stat magicpower+1 Stat block+2 Stat counter+3 Stat dodge+2
Unarmed art1 64
Throwing Buffalo TechniqueIntense training allows you to shove large herd-animals with surprising power. This skill has worldly applications, to boot. Grants a chance to perform a special knock-back attack in melee combat.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat edr+2 Stat block+3 Stat crit+2 Stat dodge+3
Ability: Throwing Buffalo Technique
FootworkHave your foot in the right place at the right time will make all the difference. Grants a chance to perform a a spetacularly unpleasant bone-crushing attack.
Dmg piercing+1
Stat block+1 Stat edr+1 Stat dodge+1
Unarmed art2 64
Gray Heron Takes FlighA gale of flesh shall blow your opponents away. This skill allows you to peform a special area-attack.
Dmg piercing+2
Stat meleepower+1 Stat edr+3 Stat block+2 Stat counter+4 Stat dodge+2
Ability: Gray Heron Takes Flight
Skill unarmed
Stone SoleNow that you've walked a mile on other people's faces, your feet are as unyielding as your will: You now have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using your feet.
Dmg crushing+2
Stat magicpower+1 Stat edr+1
4% chance of inflicting Crippling Wound debuff on attack.
8% chance of inflicting Bleeding Out debuff on attack.
Unarmed art3 64
Master of Dragon Foot TechniqueAt this level, the student has become the master. Your attacks are imbued with celestial energy.
Dmg aethereal+4
Stat meleepower+1 Stat block+4 Stat crit+4 Stat counter+6 Stat edr+11


  • You get the unarmed bonuses when you do not have a weapon equipped. You can wear a shield, or even dual wield shields, with no penalty.