Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki

You had such a lovely time last year vacationing in another dungeon, you thought you'd try the Dungeons of Dredmor this year. Such a lovely place and what beautiful scenery.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Relax and unwind64
Relax and Unwind
Escape the rat-race and let the relaxing atmosphere of your vacation refresh your body and mind, boosting your natural health and mana regeneration.
Health Regeneration Bonus1 Mana Regeneration Bonus1 Item: Camera
See the sights64
See the Sights
Increase your range of vision. Seeing further will help you pick out those interesting bits of local culture. The downside? You stick out like a sore thumb, gawking like that.
Trap Affinity1 Ability: See the Sights
Foreign currency64
Handle Strange Foreign Currencies
Receive more Zorkmids from pickups due to the exchange rate. Why is the money so weird in foreign parts?
Passive: find 10% more Zorkmids in piles
Meet people64
Meet Interesting People
Say hello to the locals by welcoming a random dungeon denizen into your midst. I hope they're friendly!
Ability: Meet Interesting People
Sample cuisine64
Sample the Local Cuisine
In foreign parts, people eat all kinds of things! Use this on any item to consume it.
Toxic (Resistance)1 Ability: Sample the Local Cuisine
Get away64
Get Away From It All
Tired of grinding for experience amidst mortal danger? Whisk yourself up a dungeon level to safety. (The management is not responsible for any lost luggage.)
Ability: Get Away From It All