You had such a lovely time last year vacationing in another dungeon, you thought you'd try the Dungeons of Dredmor this year. Such a lovely place and what beautiful scenery.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Relax and unwind64
Relax and UnwindEscape the rat-race and let the relaxing atmosphere of your vacation refresh your body and mind, boosting your natural health and mana regeneration.
Stat liferegen1 Stat manaregen1 Item: Camera
See the sights64
See the SightsIncrease your range of vision. Seeing further will help you pick out those interesting bits of local culture. The downside? You stick out like a sore thumb, gawking like that.
Stat traplevel1 Ability: See the Sights
Foreign currency64
Handle Strange Foreign CurrenciesReceive more Zorkmids from pickups due to the exchange rate. Why is the money so weird in foreign parts?
Passive: find 10% more Zorkmids in piles
Meet people64
Meet Interesting PeopleSay hello to the locals by welcoming a random dungeon denizen into your midst. I hope they're friendly!
Ability: Meet Interesting People
Sample cuisine64
Sample the Local CuisineIn foreign parts, people eat all kinds of things! Use this on any item to consume it.
Dmg toxic resist1 Ability: Sample the Local Cuisine
Get away64
Get Away From It AllTired of grinding for experience amidst mortal danger? Whisk yourself up a dungeon level to safety. (The management is not responsible for any lost luggage.)
Ability: Get Away From It All
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