Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki

Found on the third level in a certain room placement clicking on it opens a scroll which reads;

"Here lies the Tomb of the unknown hero. He came from another world and Departed ours too soon. His deeds are many and legendary. We put his rocket launcher somewhere safe."

To the left of The Relics is a twisting hallway which leads to a center room. Within the center room, there are three items: an Interdimensional Axe, a Rusty Old Helm, and a third random artifact.

  • The area around The Relics including the adjoining rooms are guarded by a particularly large quantity of monsters - specifically many leaders of groups in Dredmor's Ranks.
  • The axe and helmet and mention of a rocket launcher are references to the first-person shooter Quake; they are all used by the player character.