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Skill sword

"Swords! The pointy bit goes in the other guy." Skills in this group make use of swords more effective and deadly, providing bonuses and special moves when you attack while wielding (what else?) a sword.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Swordplay0 64
Student of Fencing
Just remember: the pointy bit of the sword goes into the body of your opponent. This is just the first step on the road to good swordsmanship and as such only provides minor combat bonuses.
Slashing (Damage)1
Counter Chance2
Swordplay1 64
Liechtenauer's Overhau
What exactly IS an Overhau? So glad you asked: it's a particularly teutonic (and particularly painful) attack which you have a chance to execute with each melee attack upon learning this skill.
Slashing (Damage)1
Counter Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction2
20% chance to activate Liechtenauer's Overhau on melee hit.
Skill sword
Sword Practice
With long hours of practice skewering flies, your deft use of the sword has grown defter still.
Piercing (Damage)1
Counter Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
8% chance to inflict Crippling Wound on melee hit.
Swordplay2 64
Thibault's Trompement
Why go around when you can attack right through your foe? This skill can be used to attack all the tiles in a line through an opponent.
Piercing (Damage)2
Melee Power1 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
Ability: Thibault's Trompement
Sword lore64
Sword Lore
Studious research into the use of swords has unlocked terrible secrets: You have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using swords.
Melee Power1 Enemy Dodge Reduction1 16% chance to inflict Bleeding Out on melee hit.
Swordplay3 64
Sword Poet
The pen is said to be mightier than the sword, but a true warrior uses his sword AS a pen. With this skill, you master the use of the sword and counter-attack.
Piercing (Damage)1
Melee Power1 Critical Chance1 Counter Chance4 Enemy Dodge Reduction13
20% chance to gain I'm Not Left Handed when hit.
  • Notes
    • Dual-wielding weapons of the same type for which you have the relevant skill will provide a total of one-and-a-half the passive bonuses (e.g., 2 counter chance becomes 3). Dual-wielding different weapons will provide the full passive bonuses for each type.
  • Trivia
    • Johannes Liechtenauer was a 14th-century German fencing master. Gérard Thibault d'Anvers was a 17th century Dutch fencing master.
    • An "Overhau" (actually, Oberhau) is a German term for a downward strike with a sword.
    • "Trompement" in fencing is the act of hitting one's opponent at the end of a successful feint.