Skill staff
Staves! They stave off all kinds of things.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Staff-fighting0 64
Trainee Stick WranglerJust don't let go of the staff and you'll be fine. Basic training with the staff lets you block incoming attacks better.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat block+2 Stat counter+1
Staff-fighting1 64
Spirit ConduitThis ability channels an especially powerful attack that takes place partly in the aetherial realm. Gives a chance to hit with this special power, and the additional training enhances your damage while using staves.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat haywire+2 Stat block+1 Stat edr+1
20% chance of performing Spirit Conduit on attack.
Skill staff
Staff DisciplineYou believe in staff-control: You use both hands! Grants a chance to perform a spectacularly unpleasant bone-crushing attack.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat block+1 Stat edr+1
Staff-fighting2 64
Ki Cascade StrikeExtending your reach by mysterious, secret methods developed by a cheesemonger-turned-gladiator, this maneuver strikes at an entire swath of enemies. Allows you to perform an area-attack.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat magicpower+1 Stat crit+1 Stat edr+2
Ability: Ki Cascade Strike
Staff secrets64
Staff SecretsDeep questioning into the fathomless depths of the staff have lead to startling epiphanies about their use: You now have a chace of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using staves.
Stat meleepower+1 Stat edr+1 4% chance of inflicting Crippling Wound debuff on attack.
8% chance of inflicting Bleeding Out debuff on attack.
Staff-fighting3 64
Staff SageCommon wisdom has it that the use of staves in wizardly combat has some kind of phallic symbolism. If so, it is a combat you have mastered - and with it, you have mastered yourself. Grants many combat and magical bonuses.
Dmg crushing+2 Dmg aethereal+2
Stat magicpower+3 Stat haywire+4 Stat block+5 Stat edr+12 Stat magicresistance+5


  • Staves are one handed, so you can equip one with a shield or dual wield them.
  • The staff skill is not necessary to be able to equip staves (or any weapon) for their secondary bonuses such as magical power. The same is true of the dual wield skill, when dual wielding staves.
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