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Primary StatsEdit

Icon Name Affected Stats Description
Stat burliness Burliness Stat life Stat meleepower Stat block Burliness is the Primary Attribute of the Warrior and pertains to getting into trouble, hitting ones head on other people, and getting hit by large objects/limbs/pseudopods. It affects Hitpoints, Melee Power, and Block chance.
Stat sagacity Sagacity Stat mana Stat magicpower Sagacity is the Primary Attribute of the Wizard, and is mostly about being a know-it-all. It affects Mana points and Magic Power.
Stat nimbleness Nimbleness Stat dodge Stat edr Stat counter Stat sneakiness Nimbleness is the Primary Attribute of the Rogue and is the quality of swiftness, grace, and not getting hit by things. It affects Dodge chance, Sneakiness, enemy Dodge Reduction, and Counter-attack chance. Nimbleness is pretty great.
Stat caddishness Caddishness Stat crit Stat counter Stat life Caddishness is the Primary Attribute of the Pirate and revolves around not caring about the feelings of others. It affects Critical Hit and Counter-attack chance.
Stat savvy Savvy Stat haywire Stat sneakiness Savvy is the Primary Attribute of the Bard and involves being clever while avoiding trouble. It affects Magical Haywire chance and Sneakiness.
Stat stubborness Stubbornness Stat magicresistance Stat block Stubbornness is the Primary Attribute of the Monk and enhances self-righteousness and the ability to ignore mean things other people say about you. It affects Magical Resistance and Block chance.

Secondary StatsEdit

Icon Name Description
Stat meleepower Melee Power Melee Power affects how hard you hit with your weapons (or feet, if you don't have any). It's also how hard you throw stuff, but not how hard you shoot your crossbow bolts because that wouldn't make sense.
Stat crit Critical Chance Critical Chance affects how likely you are to land a particularly effective blow in combat, dealing double damage.
Stat counter Counter Chance Counter Chance affects how likely you are to commit a vindictive act in melee combat by returning an enemy's attack with one of your own.
Stat magicpower Magic Power Magic Power affects the power of your spells and how much mana they drain when cast.
Stat haywire Haywire Chance Haywire Chance affects how likely your spells are to trigger a highly unstable resonance cascade event.
Stat magicresistance Magic Resistance Magic Resistance affects how intuitively you can (mostly) nullify a magic attack against you.
Stat armourabsorption Armour Absorption Armour Absorption is how good your armor is at standing between you and inevitability. Each point of Armour Absorption removes one point of mundane damage types (eg. crushing, slashing, and blasting).
Stat block Block Chance Block Chance affects how likely you are to (mostly) block what you deserve, at least so far as physical attacks go.
Stat dodge Dodge Chance Dodge Chance affects how likely you are to avoid the consequences of your actions and physical attacks.
Stat edr Enemy Dodge Reduction Enemy Dodge Reduction affects how likely an enemy is to not dodge your attacks. Because heroes never miss - but sometimes their attacks are dodged.
Stat sneakiness Sneakiness Sneakiness is how good you are at tip-toeing around your problems rather than facing them. Helps with sneaking by enemies, not waking sleeping enemies, and with avoiding traps.
Stat sight Visual Sight Radius Visual Sight Radius is how far you can see in the dark dungeon.
Stat wandburn Wandcrafting Level This is a rating of how good you are at wandcraft.
Stat trapsense Trap Sight Radius Trap Sight Radius determines the distance at which you can spot and identify traps.
Stat traplevel Trap Affinity Trap Affinity is a rating of your ability to avoid and disarm traps.
Stat smithing Smithing Level This is a rating of how good you are at smithery.
Stat alchemy Alchemy Level This is a rating of how good you are at alchemizing.
Stat tinkerer Tinkerer Level

This is a rating of how good you are at tinkering.

Stat reflection Magic Reflection Some of the items have this stat (One Sparkling Glove). There is no real description of this stat in game since it's a hidden stat. This stat has a chance based on your total magic reflection, to reflect any spell(testings needed) against you back to your attacker, leaving you completely unharmed.

Life and ManaEdit

Attribute Icon Effect
Life Stat life Health: 1 point per Burliness/Caddishness point; Base = 5
Stat liferegen Health Regeneration: Each point reduces the time it takes to regen 1 life point. Base of 7 rounds.
Mana Stat mana Mana: 2 points per Sagacity point; Base = 5
Stat manaregen Mana Regeneration: Each point reduces the time it takes to regen 1 point of mana. Base of 7 rounds.

Levelling up with SkillsEdit

Every point you spend in a skill, including the first 7 points used to pick your skill paths, affect secondary attributes as well as enhancing bonuses on equipment in their respective areas at higher levels.

Level 1 rogueLeveling bar

The one on the left is a brand new character fully specialized in rogue skills; while the other one is a multi-classed warrior and wizard. Below is the chart of bonus attribute points you get for each class-skill you choose.

Attribute Warrior Rogue Wizard
Stat burliness Burliness +2 +1 +1
Stat sagacity Sagacity +1 +1 +2
Stat nimbleness Nimbleness +1 +2 +1
Stat caddishness Caddishness +2 +2 +1
Stat savvy Savvy +1 +2 +2
Stat stubborness Stubbornness +2 +1 +2

Warrior Swords, Maces, Axes, Staves, Unarmed Combat, Berserker Rage, Master of Arms, Dual Wielding, Shield Bearer, Smithing, Deadshot, Big Game Hunter, Killer Vegan.
Rogue Thrown Weapons, Archery, Artful Dodger, Perception, Burglary, Assassination, Archaeology, Fungal Arts, Tinkering, Demonologist, Piracy, Werediggle Curse.
Wizard Astrology, Promethean Magic, Magic Training, Ley Walker, Viking Wizardry, Necronomiconomics, Vampirism, Golemancy, Blood Mage, Fleshsmithing, Psionics, Alchemy, Wand Lore, Mathemagic, Emomancy.

Damage TypesEdit

Mundane Damage TypesEdit

Icon Type Description
Dmg blast Blast (Damage) Blasting damage, first discovered by Alfred Nobel, refers to any damage projected from the quasi-elemental plane of dynamite. It is affected by your opponent's armour.
Dmg slashing Slashing (Damage) Slashing Damage is caused when you manage to get the sharp bit of the weapon to cut through the flesh of the other guy. It is affected by your opponent's armour.
Dmg crushing Crushing (Damage) Crushing damage is caused by maces, blunt objects, feet, rocks, and elderly gravy. It is affected by your opponents armor.

Magical Damage TypesEdit

Magical damage is not affected by armour except for blast damage.

Icon Type Description
Dmg conflagratory Conflagratory (Damage) Conflagratory damage is inflicted upon your opponent when you manage to set any part of them on fire.
Dmg hyperborean Hyperborean (Damage) Hyperborean damage is inflicted by frost bite, frost demons, frost weapons, Frost Brand, and frost giants.
Dmg voltaic Voltaic (Damage) Voltaic damage is any damage of an electrical nature.
Dmg acidic Acidic (Damage) Acidic damage is why you should always be careful when attempting to make a really large baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano.
Dmg toxic Toxic (Damage) Toxic damage is everything icky, nasty, and poisonous. It is often inflicted by tiny Brazilian frogs. The frogs do not like you very much, and we do not recommend strapping them to your equipment.
Dmg aethereal Aethereal (Damage) Aethereal damage is inflicted when your attack damages using the power of the stars. We have absolutely nothing funny to say about this, because we take astronomy very seriously. So should you.
Dmg aphyxiative Asphyxiative (Damage) Asphyxiative damage is very hard to spell, and is inflicted upon your opponent when your attack suddenly causes them to stop breathing. This is usually accomplished by removing air from the room, and replacing it with gas, cabbage scents, or noxious cologne.
Dmg piercing Piercing (Damage) Piercing damage is caused when you manage to get the pointy bit of the weapon to stick into the other guy's flesh. It bypasses armour.
Dmg existential Existential (Damage) Existential damage: does it exist or not? We don't know, but your weapon may inflict it on somebody... if they exist. It bypasses your opponent's armour, if it exists. This tooltip is now going to go off and question its existence, read Heidegger, and weep piteously into a bottle of Dr. Sanin's New-Age Pilsner.
Dmg necromatic Necromantic (Damage) Necromantic damage is inflicted by necromancy, which usually means that you have a sword that drains life or turns people into zombies or something.
Dmg putrefying Putrefying (Damage) Putrefying damage is inflicted by any attacks that cause your opponent's flesh to decay and rot, such as by attacking them with the vegetable crisper in a refridgerator.
Dmg righteous Righteous (Damage) Righteous damage is inflicted by holy weaponry, really pretty elven maidens, angelic beings, certain sorts of very mystical and holy crystals, and mineral water.
Dmg transmutative Transmutative (Damage) Transmutative damage is inflicted when your attack changes something into something else, like clean white linens into a very large drycleaning bill.

Resistance TypesEdit

Mundane Resistance TypesEdit

Icon Type Description
Dmg blast resist Blast (Resistance) Blasting resistance lets you go out with a bang.
Dmg slashing resist Slashing (Resistance) Slashing resistance protects you from attacks by attacks and weapons with bladed edges. It also helps reduce razor burn.
Dmg crushing resist Crushing (Resistance) Crushing resistance allows you to successfully resist the impact of large, blunt objects like bricks.

Magical Resistance TypesEdit

Icon Type Description
Dmg conflagratory resist Conflagratory (Resistance) Conflagratory resistance is very useful if you're a witch, or are likely to be working near witches or other flammable objects. Caution: asbestos armour has been determined by the Dwarven Mountainhomes to cause an increase in lung cancer, beard rot, and Strange Moods.
Dmg hyperborean resist Hyperborean (Resistance) Hyperborean resistance, common amongst the savage Viking hordes, helps you survive even the chilliest of winters or wintery attacks.
Dmg voltaic resist Voltaic (Resistance) Voltaic resistance is best achieved by strapping frogs to your body. Their tough, thick conductive hides will help protect you from any electrical encounters. Failing that, we recommend magic rings or something.
Dmg acidic resist Acidic (Resistance) Acidic resistance is best achieved by covering yourself, head to toe, in baking soda. Failing that, we suggest the adventurer's fallback: magic rings, again.
Dmg toxic resist Toxic (Resistance) Toxic resistance is highly praised by those gourmands wishing to dine on the finest in Goblin cuisine.
Dmg aethereal resist Aethereal (Resistance) Aethereal resistance protects you from attacks fuelled by the power of the stars, the universe, and the influences of the Celestial Bodies upon your more earthly body. Caution: do not stare directly into the Celestial Aegis.
Dmg aphyxiative resist Asphyxiative (Resistance) Asphyxiative resistance: the Heimlich Maneuver of the tenth century.
Dmg piercing resist Piercing (Resistance) Piercing resistance allows you to be stung by twenty thousand bees and not feel a thing! (Well, very little.)
Dmg existential resist Existential (Resistance) Existential resistance: you think, therefore you resist.
Dmg necromatic resist Necromantic (Resistance) Necromantic resistance is very useful when dealing with any members of the undead, and the occasional politican.
Dmg putrefying resist Putrefying (Resistance) Putrefying resistance lets you survive attacks which may try to rot your skin off.
Dmg righteous resist Righteous (Resistance) Righteous resistance helps protect you from being smote by Divine Powers. It will not, however, protect you from being eaten by bears, as befell the children who mocked the prophet Elisha.
Dmg transmutative resist Transmutative (Resistance) Transmutative resistance helps you resist transmutation. Whatever that is.

Notes Edit

  • The Existential damage type icon is a depiction of Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker".
  • The Transmutative damage type icon is an octogram (easier to see on Resistance Icon).
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