Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki


This spell buffs certain stats of the target for a while. If used on the player, an icon will appear with a countdown on the upper left side of the screen.


  • text: Description of the spell.
  • monsterText: Text appended to monster's name when it uses the spell. "XXX summons the cold winds of the north!"


  • affectsCaster
  • type: Type of the effect. Can be one of the following:
    • bleed - causes a special damage over time on the monster.
    • blink - teleports the caster to a random nearby space.
    • charm - charms target for turns turns.
    • confuse - confuses the target for turns turns, making them randomly move away from the player.
    • corrupt - adds amount negative modifiers to the player's artifacts.
    • create - creates object objectSprite for turns turns.
    • damage - deals damage of the types listed as attributes in the tag.
    • dig - removes dungeon walls and regenerates all tiles if regenfx is 1.
    • dot - casts the spell named spell for amount turns.
    • drain - deals damage equal to the types listed in the tag and heals the caster for the amount of damage dealt.
    • drainMana - drains amount% of mana from the target (currently broken).
    • fear - causes the target to run away in fear for amount turns unless resisted (1.07).
    • heal - heals amount + (amountF * Magic Power ) worth of HP. (amountF does not work earlier than 1.08).
    • knock - knocks the target back. (amount has no effect).
    • knockback - does nothing.
    • lockdown - causes the target to be unable to move for amount turns. If amount is zero the description shows they are rooted but they are not.
    • oil - creates oil on the ground in a radius of . All contiguous oil combusts when hit with conflagratory damage.
    • paralyze - has a one in amount chance to paralyze the target for turns turns unless resisted.
    • randomizeartifact - randomizes the bonuses of an artifact.
    • randomizewand - changes the wand into a different wand without changing is entropy or burn rate.
    • rechargeanvil - recharges an anvil one time.
    • rechargewand - sets the entropy of a wand to zero.
    • resurrection - ressurects a monster corpse.
    • rift - creates a rift for amount turns that blocks all movement and sight.
    • rogueSkill - does nothing.
    • sacrificeartifact - sends the targeted artifact to the museum for experience.
    • sleep - puts a monster to sleep for amount turns unless resisted, or infintely until waking if amount is zero.
    • spawn - creates amount number of items named itemname.
    • spellpoints - adds amount + (amountF * Magic Power) mana.
    • stealitem - attempts to destroy a pedestal in a shop and take the item. If it fails Brax is angered.
    • summon - summons a monster named monsterType.
    • targetblink - if something is targeted, blinks around that target, usually keeping the same distance, otherwise acts as blink. No animation is played.
    • teleport - teleports to target space with a special animation.
    • trigger - triggers spell spell after amount turns have passed.
    • uncurse - removes all buffs with the attribute bad="1" and all dots. (amount seems ot have no effect)
    • vendingmachinesteal - does nothing