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Skill shieldbearer

Return with your shield - or under it? For the defense-minded adventurer.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill shieldbearer
Squire of the Shield
Practice carrying so many other people's shields has made you rather good at handling your own.
Block Chance8
Shieldbearer1 64
Duck And Cover!
Fight smarter, not better! Can increase your defense for a while after you are hit.
Block Chance2 20% chance of gaining Duck And Cover! buff when hit.
Shieldbearer2 64
Defensive Bash
Sometimes the best defense is to hit the other guy really hard on the head with your shield. Deal a large, cruching impact to an enemy, perhaps stunning them. Damage scales to your Stubborness.
Block Chance1 Ability: Defensive Bash
Shieldbearer3 64
Tortoise Maneuver
The Tortoise Maneuver is not particularly feared by anyone because it mostly involves just holding your shield over your head and cowering, but it might help you survive a little longer. Using this skill enhances your defense until you get hit enough that you lose focus.
Block Chance1 Ability: Tortoise Maneuver
Shieldbearer4 64
Shield Savant
It's like the shield is a part of you. If a part of you didn't get hurt when it got hit by things, and it was really tough, and you held it between you and bad guys. So it's really more like you're really good with shields. Grants a chance to execute the Defensive Bash in combat.
Piercing (Resistance)2
Block Chance8 Armour Absorption1
10% chance to activate Defensive Bash when hit.


  • You can wear a shield together with a staff, something unusual for the genre. This makes the skill very useful for mages who generally have lower armor values. Duck And Cover adds 2 absorb, which is useful on early levels. It sacrifices Melee attack strength for it, not exactly a primary stat for mages.
  • Confirmed you don't need a shield to gain Passive bonuses OR to have duck and cover trigger. Possible that this will change in the future but for right now.
  • You can also use shields in both hands and use Unarmed Combat fully.