Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki
Rogue Scientist

No, you don't study Rogues. Rather, you employ radical theories of cutting-edge thaumechanics and alchemical engineering. (Tinkering, Wandcrafting, and Alchemy will improve your scientific attacks.)

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Chemic pilferer64
Chemic Pilferer
You've learned to extract a curious slime from certain monsters which can be turned into useful alchemical reagents through patented processes. Do note: Dungeon slime is toxic and will NOT give you superpowers if you drink it.
Toxic (Resistance)+1 chance that monsters drop Alchemical Ooze when killed.
Item: Sonic Wand, 3Acid Flask, 3Poison Flask
Sonic cannon64
Baromatic Pulse Device
You've created a sonic projector which allows you to unleash a focused concussing projectile toward a single target. This weapon deals more damage as your tinkering proficiency improves.
Ability: Baromatic Pulse Device
Acidical projector64
Acidical Projector
You've created a device which, if you elect to do so, sprays horrible acids at your enemy. The acids become more sophisticated and corrosive as your alchemy skill improves.
Acidic (Resistance)+1 Ability: Acidical Projector
Clockwork reflexes64
Clockwork Reflexes
Clockwork mechanisms enhance your reflexes with the cold precision of the machine. Whenever you counterattack there is a chance your limbs will reflexively strike out at enemies in all directions.
Tinkerer Level+1 Passive: 20% chance when you counterattack of attacking all adjacent enemies
Gas canister64
Alchemical Toxin Canister
You toss a crafted alchemical grenade which releases weaponized alchemical spirits. (Do avoid launching it directly at enemies as the grenade has a tendency to ricochet.) The gas becomes deadlier as your alchemy skill improves. Avoid contact with mucus membranes.
Alchemy Level+1 Ability:Alchemical Toxin Canister
Rebreather mask64
Thaumomechanical Rebreather
You wear a hermetically sealed mask that protects you from various hazardous environments. You have the innate skills to jury-rig a similar, enhanced effect but it requires thaumatic energy to operate.
Alchemy Level+1 Ability: Thaumomechanical Rebreather
Item: Mechanothaumic Rebreather
Recipe: Mechanothaumic Rebreather
Baromatic vortex64
Baromatic Vortex Upgrade
Your sonic wave projector is upgraded to expell a powerfully overcharged blast which can cascade through the bodies of multiple enemies. This device deals more damage as your tinkering proficiency improves.
Blasting (Resistance)+1
Tinkerer Level+1
Ability: Baromatic Vortex Upgrade
Aetheric death ray64
Aetheric Death Ray
Your final work is a weapon so deadly that it is sure to reveal the inherant irrationality of war thus ringing in an age of everlasting peace. But first: a demonstration is required... (Your wandcrafting enhances this weapon)
Wandcrafting Level+2 Ability: Aetheric Death Ray