Skill psionicist
You will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs...
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Narcosomatic InductionSleep, now. Put's an enemy into a mildly painful, suffocating sleep.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Narcosomatic Induction
Psychokinetic shove64
Psychokinetic ShoveShove, now. Uses violent force to push a mass of enemies (and other things) away from you.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Psychokinetic Shove
Crystal healing64
Crystal HealingHeals yourself with the power of crystals. Ooooh! Step on the shinies to enjoy their healing effects.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Crystal Healing
Nerve staple64
Nerve StapleDeals crippling existential damage to one being. Indiscrete use of this spell may provoke economic sanctions.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Nerve Staple
PyrokinesisYou're a firestarter, a terrific firestarter. You can set them alight with your mind.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Pyrokinesis
Unconditional love64
Unconditional LoveMagically charms a monster into giving up their evil ways to become your buddy ... for a short time. Then they just stab you in the back again.
Stat magicresistance+1 Ability: Unconditional Love


  • Nerve Staple will Stun the enemy for two to three rounds, and taka a decent chunk off their health. I is very useful to get a few squares between oneself and the enemy as a caster.
  • Crystal Healing will create 9 squares of tiny crystals, giving back 5 HP each when walked on. It can be a life-saver if one has walked into an acid bolt trap or drank form a fountain of acid (which do about floor +3 damage per round for six rounds, enough to kill many characters).
  • Psychokinetic Push offers unexpected applications: You can not only push enemies, you can also push things. Such as traps, chests, lights, rocks or shrines. This can be useful to barricade monster zoos, or set up Burglary skills better and most importantly: Push traps out of your way if you cannot disarm them.
  • Crystal Healing and Psychokinetic Push make this the anti-trap skill of choice for pure mages.
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