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Skill prometheanmagic

Harness the power of The Ever-Burning, said by the great sages to gently barbeque the void-which-binds-the-world. This is all about setting things on fire - setting *everything* on fire.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Dragons breath64
Dragon's Breath
You can belch forth a jet of flame, not unlike that incident with the wager involving an entire barrel of Dwarven Rum. It sets anyone in the way, including the floor, on fire.
Ability: Dragon's Breath
Rune of exploding64
Rune of Exploding
Inscribes a magical exploding rune into the floor. Watch your step!
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Ability: Rune of Exploding
Summon wyrmling64
Summon Wyrmling
This fiery ritual summons a dragony friend who will happily set people alight and trigger traps for you. Like most Promethean spells, the summoning process has the side effect of shooting fire all over the place.
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Ability: Summon Wyrmling
Obvious Fireball
It's a fireball. It goes BOOM. Then with the burning. What more do you want.
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Ability: Obvious Fireball
Tactical pyre64
Gog's Tactical Pyre
Summons a wall of fire from The Elemental Plane of Walls of Fire. Burns out over several turns as the otherworldly fuel-line reaches the Peak Mana crisis. Greater magical ability makes the spell easier to cast and the fire burn hotter.
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Ability: Gog's Tactical Pyre
Infernal torus64
Infernal Torus
By busting some sweet dance moves, you set the dance floor on fire, effectively setting all enemies around you on fire. Also more fire beyond that, it's really quite a mess.Greater magical power makes the fire all the hotter.
Conflagratory (Resistance)+1 Ability: Infernal Torus