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Skill polearm

Why walk all the way over to someone to stab them? The polearm is the lazy person's answer to melee combat.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Polearm longrange
Talhoffer's Lunge Strike
Why not strike from far away to better keep your foes at bay? Now you begin to understand why Talhoffer lived so long.
Burliness1 Ability: Talhoffer's Lunge Strike
Polearm defensive
The Sensible Swiss Defensive Stance
If neutrality doesn't succeed, enact this extremely sensible defensive stance to keep your enemies at bay! Enhances defensive abilities and allows repelling strikes at the cost of offensive damage.
Block Chance2 Ability: The Sensible Swiss Defensive Stance
Polearm damage
Very Long Stick Damage Enhancement Training
It's not the length of your halberd that matters, it's how hard you hit monsters with it!
Melee Power4
Critical Chance-2
Polearm offensive
Wallenstein's Inevitable Victory Stance
Enhance your basic damage and deliver especially overwhelming attacks through the power of your inevitable victory. This focus on solid offense does somewhat reduce the chance of countering, blocking, and critical hits, but who needs those?
Enemy Dodge Reduction2 Ability: Wallenstein's Inevitable Victory Stance
Polearm linear
Count Tilly's Long-range Pike Bombardment
When Count Tilly tells you to attack the fellow on the next street over, you find a way to make it work. This long-range linear attack may stun enemies.
Enemy Dodge Reduction3 Ability: Count Tilly's Long-range Pike Bombardment
Polearm sweep
Pope of the Polearm Mastery Sweep
Sweep aside your enemies like the dirt they are! Performs an stunning knockback area-attack.
Enemy Dodge Reduction5 Ability: Pope of the Polearm Mastery Sweep