"Yarr, ye knew it had to be."
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
PlunderYarr, ye plunder all the booty there be - and more that be not 'til ye plundered thereso reifiying ye avarice as golden rewards to-hand, its being itself not being in question at this point. Yarr.
Stat caddishness+1 You occasionally find gems when you kill monsters.
SwashbucklingYou've learned dirty swashbuckling tactics from your time on the seas. Allows you to counter ALL of the next few attacks against yourself.
Stat caddishness+1 Ability: Swashbuckling
Mist of the Corsair64
Mists of the CorsairThe Mists of the Corsair serve to hide all manner of piratical activity from the eyes of the authorities - and can be very useful to escape a tight spot. Can only be called upon every so often.
Stat caddishness+1 Ability: Mists of the Corsair
The Black Spot64
The Black SpotWhoever is marked with the Black Spot can hope only for a quick death, or the next best thing; deep-fried cheesecake on a stick. The point is the marked target is utterly doomed so watch where you point this thing!
Stat caddishness+1 Ability: The Black Spot
BroadsideGive 'em the Broadsides, me hearties! (Don't ask where the cannon is hidden.)
Stat caddishness+1 Ability: Broadside


  • Piracy is a Rogue skill
  • The Mists of the Corsair skill also causes nearby enemies to lose aggro and become confused
  • Broadside fires several cannonballs around the targeted area
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