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Skill mathemagic

Using the power of Mathemagic, you can multiply power, subtract hope, and cube-root the dreams of man himself. This is a strange, abstract school of magic that has a way of driving its users insane.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Froda's Jump Discontinuity
This prototype teleportation spell was developed by Froda as part of a wizarding thesis project, 'A Study of Extra-Planar Momentum in the 200 GeV Thaumaturgen Collision Range'. Its effects are considered unstable. Randomly teleports you.
Ability: Froda's Jump Discontinuity
Beklam's Diminishing Calculus
Can you subtract life itself? The great Beklam discovered a way, to his undoing. This is a curse which greatly weakens an enemy, leaving them enfeebled.
Ability: Beklam's Diminishing Calculus
Curse of midas64
Curse of the Golden Ratio
The curse of the Golden ratio was first used by the great Mathemagician Xeuclid to convert the flesh of his enemies into useful, useful gold. You just have to keep poking to be sure it takes. Operates as describes - a rather profitable curse.
Ability: Curse of the Golden Ratio
The enhancement of one's own magical power is simply a function of correctly applying magical power. This is a stackable effect, naturally.
Ability: Zenzizenzizenzic
Zephyric transport64
Xeuclid's Translation
A more refined (read: accurate) but more costly version of the Jump Discontinuity. We are assured that flesh-eating teleportation worms do not really exist.
Ability: Xeuclid's Translation
Recursive curse64
The Recursive Curse
This is the Curse that keeps on Cursing - it will make an enemy sorry that they ever lived.
Ability: The Recursive Curse