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Skill armour

The Armorial Art revolves around gracefully strapping large chunks of metal to your body.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Armourer0 64
Thick Skin
You like getting hit, it builds character! Increases your life-force and chance to block attacks.
Life Points5 Block Chance6
Armourer1 64
Suit Up
To be armoured you must project the image of being armoured. This skill allows you to tighten the straps on your armour so that you use it more effectively, but this bonus is lost if you get hit too much.
Piercing (Resistance)1
Block Chance1
Ability: Suit Up
Stat con64
Walk It Off
It's only a flesh wound, just walk it off. Has a chance to increase health regeneration and stubbornness after getting hit.
Life Points5 Block Chance1 20% chance to gain Walk It Off when hit.
Stat str64
It Only Makes You Stronger
Practice being beaten, crushed and stabbed has made you highly skilled in these activities. When you get hit there is a chance that your health, burliness, and piercing resistance will increase temporarily.
Armour Absorption1 15% chance to gain It Only Makes You Stronger when hit.
Skill armour
Master of Arms
You sleep in a cuirass, swim in a hauberk, and dance on sabotons. Enhances your defenses and gives a chance to trigger 'Suit Up' when you are hit.
Piercing (Resistance)2
Block Chance7 Armour Absorption2
10% chance to gain Suit Up when hit.


  • Master of Arms doesn't require any particular armour to be worn to gain any of these benefits (even though it feels like its geared towards heavier armour), so even a wizard build can take this and be more defensive.
  • Due to Suit Up's bonus to regeneration, trying to have it on at all times is recommended. Since it has a cooldown of 40 turns, its good to click this on after a hard fight to make healing a little faster.