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Magical Law

When crimes are committed by Wizards, only Wizards can bring them to Magical Justice.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Confiscate evidence64
Confiscate Evidence
Cast on items far away to shove them in your inventory. Nothing exeeds the reach of the law.
Ability: Confiscate Evidence
Polymorphic injunction64
Polymorphic Injunction
Using powerful legalese, obtain an injunction against a monster for transformation plus damages.
Ability: Polymorphic Injunction
Gag order64
Gag Order
Mutes spellcasting and causes asphyxiative damage, scaling slightly to your lawyerly Savvy.
Ability: Gag Order
Rune of Objection
Overturn a random debuff, forcing it onto your target instead.
Ability: Rune of Objection
Writ of counterspelling64
Writ of Counterspelling
As advertised on late-night TV, obtain a Writ of Counterspelling to reflect dangerous spells back at your foes.
Ability: Writ of Counterspelling
Magical Law
Wright's Irrefutable Argument
Your honour, by lack of ex post facto mens rea in extremis, sine qua non the gravamen of the plaintiff's case plumbeus est and the plaintiff non compos mentis, I motion that one of my client's cooldowns be reset, at random.
Ability: Wright's Irrefutable Argument