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Skill magictraining

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Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Magictraining0 64
Certified Mage
Magic Community College is starting to really pay off - your spellpower and mana pool are increased.
Savvy+1 Mana Points +5 Magic Power +1
License to Cast64
License To Cast
You have a license to cast and to take away the right to cast. Any monster hit by this spell will lose their casting ability for a short time.
Savvy+1 Magic Power +1 Ability License To Cast
Magictraining1 64
Wizarding Associate
As a dues-paying member of the Wizarding Association, you receive a 5% discount on conference fees and a complimentary Wizarding Association membership card which you really ought to get laminated.
Savvy+1 Mana Points +10
Extra planar Concentration64
Extra-planar Concentration
Extremely intense concentration allows you to greatly increase your mana regeneration for a short while. Such concentration may cause you to forget that you're in a dungeon filled with murderous monsters so please be mindful of your surroundings when entering this state of mind.
Savvy+1 Ability Extra-planar Concentration
Magictraining2 64
Master of Magic
When once you were the apprentice, now you are the master.
Sagacity+5 Savvy+5 Magic Resistance+5