Skill mace
Maces: Useful for knocking out creeps. You can even keep them in your handbag if you want to.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Macery0 64
Assissant HammererIf you had a hammer, you'd hammer in the morning. This basic macery training enhances crushing damage dealt in combat.
Dmg crushing+2
Stat crit+1
Macery1 64
Dwarven HandshakeThis is the skill of teaching your enemy when to back off. This skill gives you a chance to hit with an especially damaging knockback attack in melee combat when using mace-class weapons.
Dmg piercing+1
Stat crit+2 Stat edr+1
20% chance of performing Dwarven Handshake on attack.
Skill mace
Mace RehearsalIt's important to keep your mace in tune so you can batter beat-perfect on the big day. Grants the chance to deal a Cripling Wound
Dmg crushing+1
Stat crit+1 Stat edr+1
Macery2 64
Ragnar's MeteorDrops a veritable meteor of crushing violence everywhere in front of you! This is a special area-effect attack you can perform.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat meleepower+1 Stat crit+1
Ability: Ragnar's Meteor
Mace knowledge64
Mace KnowledgeMeasured pondering upon the meaning of maces has unlocked the dark secrets held within such weapons: You now have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using maces.
Stat meleepower+1 Stat edr+2 4% chance of inflicting Crippling Wound debuff on attack.
8% chance of inflicting Bleeding Out debuff on attack.
Macery3 64
Hammer ChampionOh, it's hammer time. Your mace-based melee attacks are enhanced and you have a chance to deliver a Pedantic Beating which stuns your enemy and deals damage based on your burliness.
Dmg piercing+1 Dmg crushing+1
Stat meleepower+1 Stat edr+14
Chance of inflicting Pedantic Beating debuff on attack
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