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Skill mace

Maces: Useful for knocking out creeps. You can even keep them in your handbag if you want to.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Macery0 64
Assistant Hammerer
If you had a hammer, you'd hammer in the morning. This basic macery training enhances crushing damage dealt in combat.
Crushing (Damage)2
Critical Chance1
Macery1 64
Dwarven Handshake
This is the skill of teaching your enemy when to back off. This skill gives you a chance to hit with an especially damaging knockback attack in melee combat when using mace-class weapons.
Piercing (Damage)1
Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
20% chance to activate Dwarven Handshake on melee hit.
Skill mace
Mace Rehearsal
It's important to keep your mace in tune so you can batter beat-perfect on the big day. Grants the chance to deal a Crippling Wound
Crushing (Damage)1
Critical Chance1 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
8% chance to inflict Crushed Bones on melee hit.
Macery2 64
Ragnar's Meteor
Drops a veritable meteor of crushing violence everywhere in front of you! This is a special area-effect attack you can perform.
Crushing (Damage)1
Melee Power1 Critical Chance1
Ability: Ragnar's Meteor
Mace knowledge64
Mace Knowledge
Measured pondering upon the meaning of maces has unlocked the dark secrets held within such weapons: You now have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using maces.
Melee Power1 Enemy Dodge Reduction2 6% chance to inflict Bleeding Out on melee hit.

10% chance to inflict Crippling Wound on melee hit.
Macery3 64
Hammer Champion
Oh, it's hammer time. Your mace-based melee attacks are enhanced and you have a chance to deliver a Pedantic Beating which stuns your enemy and deals damage based on your burliness.
Piercing (Damage)1 Crushing (Damage)1
Melee Power1 Enemy Dodge Reduction14
15% chance to inflict Pedantic Beating on melee hit.