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Skill leylines

Allows you to pulls energy from mysterious magical confluences whose exact mechanisms are known only to the wizened keepers of magical mysteries and retail zoning auditors.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill leylines
You have the ability to tap those invisible strands of power which bind the world together. Increases mana regeneration and grants a chance to regain mana when casting spells.
Mana Regeneration Bonus +1
Magic tap64
Thaumaturgic Tap
Using your knowledge of leylines, you can occasionally tap the aetherial realm to replenish your vital energies.
Ability: Leyline Siphoning
Leylines1 64
The magic flows effortlessly through you! Grants even more mana regeneration.
Mana Points +3
Mana Regeneration Bonus +1
Leylines2 64
At one with the leylines, you are a font of magical energy. Guess what? More mana!
Mana Points +10
Mana Regeneration Bonus +1
5% chance when casting spells to activate Thaumaturgic Conflux.
Invisible geometries64
Invisible Geometries
A master of leylines can use invisible geometries to move-without-moving -- but only in cardinal directions. Be warned though, for moving through the aetherial realm greatly saps magical strength.
Ability: Invisible Geometries.


While the ability looks weak on paper, it is important to note how Mana Regeneration stacks: You regain one Mana per 7 turns, modified by your Regeneration stat. At -3 Regeneration, you regain one Mana per 10 turns. At +3, you regain one per 4 turns. This means that Mana Regeneration becomes better the more you have of it. Achieving the critical point of +7 is very difficult to do with just items, but gets drastically easier with the +3 offered from Ley Lines.

Note at higher difficulties, the per-turn mana regeneration increases

Elven = 5 turns

Dwarven = 7 turns

Rogue = 9 turns