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Skill golemancer

The Greater and Lesser Golemantic Arts pertain to the animation and subsequent irritation of base matter. (In other words, you give life to non-living stuff.)

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Blade being64
Animate Blade Being
Brings some malevolent silverware to life, at which point it twirls around and stabs anyone who runs into it. Not a very bright golem, all said.
Ability: Animate Blade Being
Animate Mustache
Animates a small mustache golem to fight alongside you. (But where does the mustach come from?)
Ability: Animate Mustache
Digging ray64
Unliving Wall
First concocted by the Mad Architect Montresor, this spell grows a wall from the floor (pounding anyone in the way with crushing masonry). Delightfully unnatural.
Ability: Unliving Wall
Thaumite swarm64
Invive Thaumite Swarm
A cloud of thaumaturgons come alive and consumes any being it touches with thoughtless voracity until sated, at which point it exits the body to await a new host.
Ability: Invive Thaumite Swarm
Animate robot64
The Mortal Machine
Summons a friendly robot companion to lacerate your enemies.
Ability: The Mortal Machine
Montresors wall64
Digging Ray
What was formed can be un-formed. Busts through wall and is basically game-breaking.
Ability: Digging Ray