For a list of available mushrooms and their effects, see Fungi.
Skill mushroomlore
You collect molds, spores, and fungus and plant them on the corpses of your enemies to see what useful grows out of it. Icky.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill mushroomlore
Mushroom FarmerYou collect molds, spores, and fungus. You like to grow mushrooms on the bodies of your enemies. Sometimes this comes in handy; usually it's just weird.
Dmg toxic resist +1 Passive: Spore Stash
Fungus1 64
Slime-herderBy studying the lore of the Slime-herders from the Mushroom Jungles of Smome, you gain the ability to summon a fiercely loyal Slime Mold.
Dmg toxic resist +1 Ability: Summon Slime
Fungus2 64
MoldsmithYou can transform a mushroom into another random mushroom, if such a trick tickles your fancy.
Dmg toxic resist +1 Ability: Mushroom Transmutation
Fungus3 64
Battle MycologyWith increased knowledge of mushrooms, you enhance your melee attacks with occasional clouds of confusing, toxic spores.
Dmg toxic resist +1 15% chance of casting Battle Mycology on attack.
Fungus4 64
Fungal Master of YuggothAs the Mi-go once did (and shall again), you can summon living weapons of fungus to serve your will.
Dmg toxic resist +1 Ability: Summon Mushroom Beast

Notes Edit

  • When you use the Spore Stash ability, you will gain spores equal to the level of your Fungal Arts,
  • When you summon a Slime or Mushroom Beast, a 5x5 cloud of toxic spores, similar to a cloud of spores from an Odious Puffball, will appear centered on the summon.