Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki

"Harness the power of whatever, and like, stuff."

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Love Will Teleport Us Apart64
Love Will Teleport Us Apart
You can't be together any more!
Ability: Love Will Teleport Us Apart
The Cure64
The Cure
The Cure will heal you, but at a terrible price that will be photographed in your school yearbook.
Ability: The Cure, which carries the self-debuff Curse of Emo
My Chemical Explosion64
My Chemical Explosion
Show the world just how much it hurts with this depressingly sizzly acid ball of nastiness.
Ability: My Chemical Explosion
Dampening Field of Angst64
Dampening Field of Angst
As long as this glooming cloud persists magic in its radius will cease to be.
Ability: Dampening Field of Angst
Sigil of Whatever64
Sigil of Whatever
Anything that steps on the Sigil of Whatever will suddenly find itself not really caring about anything at all.
Ability: Sigil of Whatever
Mark of the Black Eyeliner64
Mark of the Black Eyeliner
Take up the mark, and be the saviour of the beaten, the broken and the damned. Or something.
Ability: Mark of the Black Eyeliner
Depressing Elemental Blast64
Depressing Elemental Blast
Depressing. So very, VERY depressing. Anyone hit by this beam will be struct with existential despair and passivity.
Ability: Depressing Elemental Blast


  • "My Chemical Explosion" is a reference to the band 'My Chemical Romance'
  • "Mark of the Black Eyeliner" quotes "Welcome to the Black Parade": '...be the saviour of the beaten, the broken and the damned. Or something." the lyrics themselves are slightly jumbled, as the lyrics go "Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?" but it's still a clear reference.