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This article contains descriptions of various landmarks or events that are available in the game

Object Image Description
Anvil of Krong


Randomly enchants an item placed on the anvil. The far majority of these enchants are positive, and only two in seven are detrimental.
Statue of Inconsequentia Shrine inconsequentia.png Gives quests.
Lutefisk Statue Shrine lutefisk god.png After an offering of enough Lutefisk, the Lutefisk Statue will reward an item. More...
Eyeball Shrine Shrine eyeball0006.png Used in quests.
Monolith Monolith.png Used in quests.
Mellow Shrine Shrine mellow0000.png Used in quests.
Dredmor Statue Statue dredmor.png After destroying it, it will reward a fixed amount of experience, which is 50*dungeon level.  When playing on "No Time to Grind" mode, these give 100*dungeon level instead.


Empty Fountin.png

Will grant an effect similar to a potion, such as minor regeneration, invisibility, or voltaic charge. Take care: Do not drink at low health as there is the chance of getting cursed (i.e. acid burn).

Dispenser bolts0000.png

Dispenser drink0000.png



Crafty Crafts.png

Used to purchase food,booze, throwing weapons,bolts or Crafting Materials. Can be created by using Rune of Pillars, Rune of Growth and Decay and Rune of Scrutiny.

Pillars, Growth and Decay, and Scrutiny creates Food Dispenser.

Pillars, Scrutiny, and Growth and Decay creates Bolt Dispenser.

Scrutiny, Growth and Decay, and Pillars creates Drink Dispenser.

Growth and Decay, Pillars, and Scrutiny creates Crafts Dispenser.

Scrutiny, Pillars, and Growth and Decay does not create a Dispenser.

Satanic Displacement Glyph PentagramPortal.png Will teleport the player to a Satanic Displacement Glyph somewhere on the same level (or, specifically, to the other Glyph's original location, should you have moved it). Though rare, it is possible that a Glyph teleports you to itself.
Stairs StairsDown.png

Used to change dungeon levels.

Monster zoo

Room full of monsters (can even reach 100 monsters in one, depends on its size), both standard and unique mini-bosses. Finding one and killing every monster will both provide an achievement and an artifact.  Leaving the floor by using the stairs or by escaping to the Pocket Dimension will forfeit your reward.  (Currently it is possible for Two Monster Zoo's to be 'Opened' at one time, even if they are not conjoined. Making the monster counter in excess of 100).

The Relics Found on the Third Level in a Certain Room placement (Usually Guarded by Three or More 'Special' Mobs.) Clicking on it opens a scroll which reads "Here lies the Tomb of the unknown hero. He came from another world and Departed ours too soon. His deeds are many and legendary. We put his rocket launcher somewhere safe.". Use is Unknown.
Bookshelves Bookshelf.png Bookshelves hold crafting recipes and can be found on any level. It is possible to get the same recipe as before, the bookshelf will just say nothing of interest was found.
Lever Lever.png Levers do several things. They unlock Uberchests, usually the one closest to them. Levers also open up secret compartments that have items in them. Be careful though, sometimes levers can activate a bunch of traps, making it very dangerous to get out if you don't have a good trap score!

Chest Closed.png

Chest Open.png

Chests contain loot. Some are locked and need to be picked or bashed open. Successfully picking it gains you experience points, while bashing it open may cause the item inside to get destroyed.
Barrel BARREL!.png Can get random items out of them. Sometimes they are just empty.
Crate Crate.png Can get random items out of them. Sometimes they are just empty.




Uberchests contain a magic item. It cannot be picked or bashed open, the corresponding lever must be found and pulled for it to open.
Pedestal Pedastle.png Can provide useful infomation.

Harmless Red Cube


The cube appears to be docile.

Diggle God Statues Diggle god fertility.pngDiggle god death.pngDiggle god digging.pngDiggle god secrets.pngDiggle god war.png Give blessings. More...