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Skill dualwield

What's better than one weapon? Two weapons at the very same time!

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill dualwield
Swift Hands
Faster, kill, kill! Basic training allows you to effectively use two weapons at once.
Dualwield1 64
Offensive Maneuvering
Attack now with all the weapons *at the same time*! Your offensive abilities are increased for a short while. You automatically employ this skill when the chance presents itself.
Counter Chance3 12% chance of gaining Offensive Maneuvering on melee hit.
Dualwield2 64
Ambidextrous Defense
You can use twice the blocking power! Increases your ability to defend yourself.
Block Chance4 Counter Chance2
Combat Momentum
Keep up the momentum of combat for enhanced combat ability. Rip and tear!
100% chance of gaining Combat Momentum on melee hit.
Dualwield3 64
Not Drizzt
The best part about being misunderstood is that you're also so totally awesome. Greatly increases your ability to counter attacks.
Melee Power1 Counter Chance10


  • If you have skills such as Swordplay, wearing two of the same said weapon will raise your stats by 3/2 (one and a half); but if you have Swordplay and Axemanship at the same time and use a different Sword+Axe then you get full stats.
  • (v1.1.4) The Dual wielding skill is always active regardless of equipments and weapon skills.


  • The last skill "Not Drizzt" is reference to a character created by R.A Salvatore, Drizzt Do'Urden.
  • Combat Momentum Text "Rip and Tear" is a reference to a Doom Comic