Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki

Diggle god statues can be found at level 11+ of dungeon. Praying at them will give you permanent boost, but you can have only one boost active at a time. There are 6 Diggle Gods:




Diggle God of War Diggle god war Digglegod war64
Diggle God of War Blessing
Diggle God of Secrets Diggle god secrets Digglegod secrets
Diggle God of Secrets Blessing
Diggle God of Digging Diggle god digging Digglegod digging64
Diggle God of Digging Blessing
Diggle God of Death Diggle god death Digglegod death64
Diggle God of Death Blessing
Diggle God of Fertility Diggle god fertility Digglegod fertility64
Diggle God of Fertility Blessing
Diggle Devil Diggle devil Diggle devil64
Diggle Devil Blessing