Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki

"The Church of Demonology is an anvil that has worn out many hammers. Will you take up the path of righteousness, or will you be worn out?"

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Turn Demon64
Turn Demon
The Power of Krong compels you - GET OUT! Demons, I saayyyy.. GET OUT!
Righteous (Resistance)+1 Chance to instill fear on target (greater on demons). Chance to knock back objects such as vending machine and levers.
Fervor of the Flagellant64
Fervor of the Flagellant
As the beatings continue, your moral improves. Fighting demons has a chance to send you into a righteous fury, enhancing your ability to defeat evil. On the downside, this also really hurts.
Righteous (Resistance)+1 35% chance of receiving Fervor of the Flagellant on attack or when attacked against demons.
Celestial Circle64
Celestial Circle
You put your Demonologist hands in, you put your Demonologist hands out and shake it all about, as long as you stay IN the circle they shouldn't be able to hurt you.
Righteous (Resistance)+1 Ability: Celestial Circle
Abyssal Fire64
Abyssal Fire
Suffer your enemies with the Barbeque of the The Pits as you wreath yourself in the fire of demons.
Righteous (Resistance)-3
Infernal Contract64
Infernal Contract
Oh, the power that can be yours! Summon a pack of demonic denizens to do your bidding. (And watch out as 'cause this deal is getting worse all the time.)
Righteous (Resistance)-2
Flames of The Heckforge64
Flames of The Heckforge
Unleash abyssal fire on your equipment to cleanse it of its corruption. (Fortunately, the fires of Heck are not hot enough to damage your items.)
Conflagratory (Resistance)+3 Righteous (Resistance)-6
No You Are The Demon64
No, You Are The Demon
The Abyss has looked back into you and taken up residence on your couch. It doesn't even take out the trash. Sometimes .... It takes over.
Conflagratory (Damage)+4
Conflagratory (Resistance)+4 Righteous (Resistance)-4 Transmutative (Resistance)+1 Aethereal (Resistance)+1
Ability: No, You Are The Demon

Demon Form: +3 Crushing, -3 Hyperborean Resistance, -3 Righteous resistance, +10 Burliness, -15 Sagacity, -15 Savvy, -20 Mana, +5 Melee Power, -10 Magic Power, +5 Armour Absorption, -10 Mana Regeneration Bonus