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Skill deadshot

Aim deadly and true. You'd think it was common sense that hitting your target would enhance combat performance, right? Skills in this group passively enhance accuracy and critical chance.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Deadshot0 64
Beginner's Luck
With some basic training, you don't miss as much in combat as linear mathematics would suggest.
Enemy Dodge Reduction+2 Critical Chance+1
Deadshot1 64
True Aim
You miss even less in combat of all kinds, and hit even better. You have a chance to score a bleeding-out wound on your enemies.
Enemy Dodge Reduction+3 Critical Chance+1 14% chance of inflicting Bleeding Out debuff on attack.
Skill deadshot
Masterful Marksman
In addition to not missing and hitting critical weak-points, you have a chance to score crippling wounds on your enemies.
Enemy Dodge Reduction+4 Critical Chance+2 16% chance of inflicting Crippling Wound debuff on attack.
  • Notes
    • This skill was removed in version 1.08
    • Two fans have reactivated the Skill Tree with a mod : [1]