Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki
Skill dagger

"Daggers: they aren't just small swords anymore."

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Liechtenauer's Switcheroo
Pull the old Umkehrung on an adjacent opponent, switching places with them while sneaking in an extra daggery attack.
Nimbleness+1 Ability: Liechtenauer's Switcheroo.
Skill dagger
Two Attacks One Dagger!
With this skill you have a chance of sneaking in an extra attack with your dagger during combat that does extra sneaky damage depending on how sneaky you are.
Piercing (Damage)+1
Counter Chance+2
30% chance of inflicting Two Attacks One Dagger! on attack.
Dagger offensive
Silent Deadly Dagger Sneaky Stance
What is more deadly than the attack never seen? This combat stance enhances your sneakiness and chance to score critical hits on enemies at the cost of raw melee power.
Sneakiness+6 Ability: Silent Deadly Dagger Sneaky Stance.
Blood geyser strike
Blood Geyser Strike
Providing your enemy has veins, this attack spills the precious fluid contained therein. It doesn't work terribly well on undead robots made of wood. Damage scales to nimbleness.
Piercing (Damage)+1
Enemy Dodge Reduction+2
Ability: Blood Geyser Strike
Dagger defensive
Very Sharp Wall of Blades Stance
Who would dare try to breach a wall made of very sharp, very fast blades? This combat stance enhances your ability to block and counter attacks at the cost of raw melee power.
Piercing (Damage)+1
Enemy Dodge Reduction+3
Ability: Very Sharp Wall of Blades Stance
Thaumitic strike
Devouring Wound Technique
Just one wound inflicted by this most horrible technique will devour an enemy from the inside. This is not considered an honourable way to fight, no matter what the Monks of Assassination would have you believe. Damage scales by Caddishness.
Enemy Dodge Reduction+5 Ability: Devouring Wound Technique