Workers Unite!
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Guerrilla AttackPopular front to be sneak attackink imperialists, then is disapearing before caught.
Stat sneakiness5 Ability: Guerilla Attack
Items: Hammer, Sickle, 3 Vodka, 4 Mosolov Cocktail
Socialized healthcare64
Socialized HealthcareGlorious Socialist Health Care of Kanadian comrades closes wounds at the steady bureaucratic pace.
Stat life5 Stat liferegen1 Ability: Socialized Healthcare
General winter64
General WinterGeneral Winter will defendink revolution! When you are attack, winter strike down enemies for you.
Dmg hyperborean resist1 Passive: 20% chance when hit of General Winter Snowstorm and Winter Offensive
Item: Communist Ushanka
Dialectical materialism64
Dialectical MaterialismRevolutionary Science will sweep away the irrationality and superstitions of old! (Removes one random curse and replaces it with a random Communism effect.)
Ability: Dialectical Materialism
Vanguard party64
Vanguard PartyJoin Vanguard Party and lead Workink Class to Glorious Victory! (Certain foul Revisionist Anarchists suggest that there is a possibility of negative effects resulting from joinink the Vanguard Party. Ignore enemies of Party, forward revolution at any cost!)
Ability: Vanguard Party
Recipe: Communist Power Ushanka
Iron curtain64
Iron CurtainSuperior power of Iron Curtain to be protektink the Revolution! (Not by keeping danger OUT, but by keeping Communism IN.)
Stat stubborness5 Stat armourabsorption5 Dmg hyperborean resist2 Recipe: Communist Power Armour
The bomb64
They've Got The Bomb!Only by splitting the thaumaturgon and harnessing its power can you keep the Revolution safe.
Dmg transmutative resist3 Item: The Bomb
Recipe: The Bomb
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