Dungeons of Dredmor Wiki
Clockwork Knight

You're armed with the latest in modern steam-powered military hardware. GLORY TO THE EMPIRE! (Tinkering ability will improve your mechanical attacks.)

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Tech scavenger64
Tech Scavenger
Your close affinity with mechanical technology gives you an eye for salvaging quality parts and scrap metal from slain constructs.
Item: Leather Cap With A Cog On It

Recipe: Tinkerer's Goggles

25% chance to activate Tech Scavenger after killing a construct.
Rocket fist64
Rocket-Powered Punch
You can periodically launch a fist-shaped rocket from your arm-cannon to give wayward brigands and blaggards what-for.
Smithing Level1 Ability: Rocket-powered Punch

Recipe: Clockwork Grappling Bolt
Rocket jump64
Rocket Jump
You learn to propel yourself by detonating an explosive below your feet just as you jump through the air. This attack is bold and may surprise your enemies -- especially if you jump on their heads. Your Tinkering skill enhances the bomb blast. Only works in cardinal directions.
Tinkerer Level1 Ability: Rocket Jump

Recipe: Steam Rocket Bolt
Augmented limbs64
Augmented Limbs
Your steam-powered limbs may automatically go on a destructive rampage in combat and thresh your enemies.
Passive: 4% chance when you hit of attacking again

Recipe: Clockwork Power-limb
Mecha stomp64
Parabolic Mecha-Stomp
You leap into the air and come crashing down. The power of your mechanical limbs rocks the dungeon floor like a small boat on a stormy sea of metaphor.
Ability:Parabolic Mecha-Stomp

Recipe: Clockwork Actuators
Thaumecha-Kinetic Damper
Your suit can emit a powerful inertial dampening field that can protect you from projectiles and explosions. This energy shield requires a lot of energy to operate.
Smithing Level1 Ability: Thaumecha-kinetic Damper

Recipe: Imperial Clockwork Helm
Steam charge64
Charge of the Steam Brigade
By steam-powered rocket boot you propel yourself strait into the heart of the enemy to strike with the force of the Empire's glory! FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY! Only works in cardinal directions, of course.
Tinkerer Level1 Ability: Charge of the Steam Brigade

Recipe: Imperial Clockwork Plate