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Skill bloodmagic

Gain magical power through the blood of your enemies. Makes magic a much messier affair. Not a good conversation-starter.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Bloodmagic1 64
You know how to take magic from the blood of your enemies and gain mana after each kill.
Righteous (Resistance)-1 Ability: Sanguinista
Vital siphon64
Vital Siphon
Use of the dark art of vital syphoning enables your melee attacks to have a chance to drain the vital energies of your enemies and transfer them to yourself.
Righteous (Resistance)-1
Bloodmagic2 64
Spirit Stealer
By robbing the spirit of a slain enemy, you can enhance your magical power.
Righteous (Resistance)-1 Gain 3-4 mana on every enemy kill.
Obtain the Stolen Spirit buff upon killing an enemy.
Haematic phylactery64
Haematic Phylactery
Pour your blood and soul into a secret hidden thing when you can tap when the need is greatest - or whenever you fancy a nip of forbidden sanguine juices.
Righteous (Resistance)-1 Ability: Haematic Phylactery
Bloodmagic3 64
Soul Collector
You can fuel terrible magical acts by using the harvested souls of your fallen foes; your Blood Mage powers are greatly enhanced.
Righteous (Resistance)-1 Gain 4 mana on every enemy kill.
Obtain the Stolen Soul buff upon killing an enemy.


  • When you get the Soul Collector skill, you no longer get the Stolen Spirit buff when you kill an enemy, just the Stolen Soul buff.
    • As of v1.1.4 (on Linux 64-bit), it is possible to proc both Stolen Spirit and Stolen Soul at the same time.
  • It appears that when an enemy dies due to a DoT (Damage over Time) such as being lit on fire, Stolen Spirit and Stolen Soul do not proc properly. However, should the enemy die due to walking over an area already lit on fire, they will work properly.
  • Enemies killed by friendly monsters do not restore your mana.