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Big Game Hunter is a warrior skill.

Big Game Hunter

The hunt is on.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Trophy Collector64
Trophy Collector
Carve trophies for vague, grisly rewards. (In other words, you get an experience bonus when killing animals.)
Enemy Dodge Reduction3 50% chance to gain 16 experience after killing an animal.
You butcher animals for their fresh, fresh, fresh meat. This occurs automatically in the midst of combat due to the butchering reflexes you've honed into muscle-memory, as they say.
49% chance to activate Butcher after killing an animal.
Hunters Lure64
Hunter's Lure
You can call out to a particular monster and lure them towards you at will. In particular, you've mastered the Diggle mating call which is produced by squeezing ones hands together in a particular manner and waggling your fingers whilst blowing air through the entire mess.
Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction5 Visual Sight Radius1 Ability: Hunter's Lure
The Most Dangerous Game64
The Most Dangerous Game
If it bleeds we can kill it. If not, we will give it blood so that it bleeds, then kill it. This skill grants you more Butchery and Grisly Trophy rewards.
Piercing (Damage)2 Enemy Dodge Reduction8 Sneakiness5 Visual Sight Radius1 15% chance to activate Butcher when hitting an animal in melee.

50% chance to activate Hunter's Strike after killing an animal.
Release The Hounds64
Release The Hounds
Summons a pack of ravenous hunting Diggles.
Ability: Release The Hounds


  • The effects of The Most Dangerous Game are mostly likely bugged: Hunter's Strike is activated upon killing an animal and Butcher is activated upon hitting an animal, meaning Hunter's Strike has no effect since it only deals damage. It seems likely that the skills are intended to be reversed, with Hunter's Strike activating on hit and Butcher activating on kill.
    • Additionally, the description is misleading, because the skill has no effects relating to Grisly Trophy experience rewards.