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Battle Geology is a warrior skill.

Battle Geology

Like all geologists, you can create earthquakes, armor yourself in stone, and petrify enemies.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Stone fist64
Plutonic Fist
You can at-will transform the hand / noodly appendage of a creature (including youself if thus inclined) into stone such as that cured deep in the Earth's earthly heart. Melee power is improved at the cost of combat skill and finesse. Hit smart like rock.
Block Chance+2 Ability: Plutonic Fist
Stone toughness64
Stone Secret
Your true-knowledge of the secret that rocks whisper provides you with a sstony coating which most - but not all - rocks possess naturally.
Crushing (Resistance)+1 Piercing (Resistance)+1 Conflagratory (Resistance)+1
Block Chance+2
Passive: 50% chance when you block of Stone Secret
Seismic uppercut64
Seismic Uppercut
With a thought, you compel a seismic wave to erupt through the ground at an enemy. The following mini-quake will also daze your foes.
Block Chance+1 Ability: Seismic Uppercut
Rock armour64
Basalt Skin
Such is your geological skill that your flesh is as stone with low silica content; you can better turn away the fangs / claws / blades / unsound buisness propositions of the terrible monsters you're sure to meet.
Slashing (Resistance)+1
Block Chance+3
Ability: Basalt Skin
Encases one (1) target in a shell of stone, completely paralyzing and suffocating over time.
Ability: Petrification
The roots of the earth itself shal tremble and quake to quell you enemies! Stuns and dazes all nearby. Those closest are more affected.
Ability: Quake