There's nothing an adventurer can't face with a bunch of derivatives, a diversified stock portfolio, and absolutely no morals whatsoever.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
High interest loan64.png
High Interest LoanTake out a new line of credit from the First International Bank of Diggle today!
Ability: High Interest Loan
Item: Rearden Metal Ingot x3
Toxic assets64.png
Dump Toxic AssetsSome investments are simply no good - make them someone else's responsibility! This dumps any Bankster-related penalties onto your target and deals toxic damage based on your Caddishness.
Ability: Dump Toxic Assets
Insurance fraud64.png
Insurance FraudInsurance, gambling...what's the difference? Take out a policy on yourself, or an enemy, and profit! The payout scales to your Savvy.
Ability: Insurance Fraud
Hire contractor64.png
Hire ContractorHire one of Dredmor's minions as a 'contractor' for 50 turns. ('Bribery' is such an ugly word.)
Ability: Hire Contractor
Fiscal HedgeMake an investment in your own safety; trade your hard 'earned' zorkmids for damage mitigation of up to half of all damage done to you.
Ability: Fiscal Hedge
BailoutYou're too big to fail now! Get a bailout to remove all the consequences of your fiscal irresponsibility.
Ability: Bailout

Notes[edit | edit source]

Bankster Debuffs are Bad Credit, Payback, Cooked Books, Frozen Account and Poor Investment.

  • All Bankster debuffs can be removed by using standard curse removal methods, such as using a Zodiacal Wand.
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