Skill axe
Axes: The key to removing all manner of limbs.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Axemanship0 64
Combat LumberjackEmbrace the Flannel. Become one with the Flannel. This skill forms the foundations of axe-wielding.
Dmg slashing+2
Stat crit+1 Stat edr+1
Axemanship1 64
Viking StrikeJoin the Church of Odin! Learn to hate! With this skill, you have a chance to perform the 'Viking Strike' in melee combat.
Stat crit+2Stat edr+2 20% chance to perform Viking Strike on attack.
Skill axe
Axe TrainingVigourous training with your axe allows you to chop and cleave more fiercely and accurately. Saplings tremble. You Occasionally deal a cripling wound.
Dmg slashing+1
Stat crit+2 Stat edr+1
Axemanship2 64
Norwegian AxenadoDestroy your foes with the axe-wielding power described in the ancient sagas! With this skill, you can hit all of the enemies in an area around you.
Stat meleepower+1 Stat crit+2Stat edr+1 Ability: Norwegian Axenado
Axe mantra64
Axe MantraSpiritual devotion to the art of the axe has unlocked its secrets: You have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using axes.
Stat crit+2Stat edr+1 4% chance of inflicting Crippling Wound debuff on attack.
8% chance of inflicting Bleeding Out debuff on attack.
Axemanship3 64
Philosopher of the AxeAt the highest level, axe wielding is not just a combat skill. It is a way of life, and a way of being. Enhances your combat abilities when using axes and allows you to employ a terrifying latin-based attack.
Dmg slashing+3
Stat meleepower+1 Stat crit+5 Stat edr+14
Ability: Philosopher of the Axe

Reference: The achievement for mastering the axe skill tree is called "Here's Johnny", which is a reference to the movie The Shining.