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Skill axe

Axes: The key to removing all manner of limbs.

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Axemanship0 64
Combat Lumberjack
Embrace the Flannel. Become one with the Flannel. This skill forms the foundations of axe-wielding.
Slashing (Damage)2
Critical Chance1 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
Axemanship1 64
Viking Strike
Join the Church of Odin! Learn to hate! With this skill, you have a chance to perform the 'Viking Strike' in melee combat.
Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction2 20% chance to activate Viking Strike on melee hit.
Skill axe
Axe Training
Vigourous training with your axe allows you to chop and cleave more fiercely and accurately. Saplings tremble. You Occasionally deal a cripling wound.
Slashing (Damage)1
Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction1
8% chance to inflict Crippling Wound on melee hit.
Axemanship2 64
Norwegian Axenado
Destroy your foes with the axe-wielding power described in the ancient sagas! With this skill, you can hit all of the enemies in an area around you.
Melee Power1 Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction1 Ability: Norwegian Axenado
Axe mantra64
Axe Mantra
Spiritual devotion to the art of the axe has unlocked its secrets: You have a chance of executing exceptionally grievous attacks in combat while using axes.
Critical Chance2 Enemy Dodge Reduction1 16% chance to inflict Bleeding Out on melee hit.
Axemanship3 64
Philosopher of the Axe
At the highest level, axe wielding is not just a combat skill. It is a way of life, and a way of being. Enhances your combat abilities when using axes and allows you to employ a terrifying latin-based attack.
Slashing (Damage)3
Melee Power1 Critical Chance5 Enemy Dodge Reduction14
Ability: Philosopher of the Axe

Reference: The achievement for mastering the axe skill tree is called "Here's Johnny", which is a reference to the movie The Shining.