Skill astrologer
Magic dots in the sky shall lead the way to True Knowledge! This is a generally nonviolent magic, not that you can't get a little imaginative of course...
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Radiant aura64
Radiant AuraSurrounds you with a halo of light which illuminates the darkness (and your inner strength). Those who dare attack you are occasionally met with a blinding flash which stuns. It can only absorb a few hits before the aura is dissipated.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: Radiant Aura
Divine inscription64
Solar InscriptionThis magic rune uses the burning power of the sun to stop your foes dead ... in their tracks, at least.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: Solar Inscription
Blinding goodness64
Blinding FlashBlinds those in a ring around you with a burning flash of light which causes pain and paralysis.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: Blinding Flash
SyzygyAligns the planets to grant you extra-ordinary agility, power, and constitution! Requires mana to upkeep the effect.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: Syzygy
Celestial aegis64
Celestial AegisWith this shield of astrological power, the forces of the cosmos protect you. Usually. The effect will dissapate if you are hit, and requires mana to keep active.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: Celestial Aegis
Stars aligned64
The Stars AlignedWith the stars aligned just so, terrible celestial energies are unleashed upon all around you.
Dmg aethereal resist+1 Ability: The Stars Aligned
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