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Skill archaeology

No time for love, Dr. Jones? (You're a general rogue with a penchant for trouble.)

Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill archaeology
Rogue Archaeologist
It's not the years, it's the mileage. Being a Rogue Archaeologist has enhanced your roguish powers. These are helpful for getting out of sticky situations and avoiding traps.
Trap Affinity+1 Trap Sight Radius+1
Skill archaeology0 64
It Belongs In A Museum
Send an artifact to the giant, secret scary government room full of boxes, and gain experience equal to its value.
Nimbleness+1 Ability: It Belongs In A Museum
Skill archaeology3 64
Remember Your Charlemagne
"Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky..."
Ability: Remember Your Charlemagne
Skill archaeology2 64
This Translation is All Wrong!
You can prove that an artifact was not, in fact, what everyone thought it was all along.
Trap Affinity+1
Ability: This Translation is All Wrong!
Skill archaeology1 64
Ancient Kronian Ritual
Recharges an Anvil of Krong. The sad thing is, the Ancient Kronian Ritual mainly consists of sitting around the Anvil moping, drinking beer and complaining about why you can't get any Ancient Kronian Women.
Trap Affinity+1
Ability: Ancient Kronian Ritual


  • "It Belongs In A Museum" will send an artifact to the museum, which gives you experience in replace of the artifact.
  • "Remember Your Charlemagne" fires a bird projectile at the target square, which then bursts in a 3x3 area (nine tiles total) and inflicts a confusion effect on any enemies caught in the attack.
  • The Ancient Kronian Ritual cannot be used more than once on a Krong Anvil. If you do happen to use it on one you already have, you will waste the ability and be told you have already done it.
  • The "This Translation is All Wrong" ability can be used MULTIPLE times on the same item to change the base of its properties. Basically you could loot a pair of boots that have a minus on them and turn them into a completely different set of boots that may not have a minus on them and if you dont like those stats, then do it again." This doesn't seem to work with "displeased" enchanted items very well.
  • Also with the translation ability, A useful trick is to go to Brax and see the price of the item. If it's too low of a price, then switch it with the ability "This translation is all wrong" and check again. You can do this to make more money OR you can use "It belongs in a museum" for more experience.
  • The way the experience gain works for the "It belongs in a museum" ability is not dependent on the types of bonuses on the equipment, only the amount and what difficulty you're playing on. Elvishly easy gives 75 xp per bonus while moderate and rogue give 60 xp per bonus. Using an anvil of krong, regardless of what bonuses you obtain, will give only one bonus' worth of xp. Negatives do not affect experience gain at all. ex: a ring with +1 trap aff, +2 asphyxiation damage, -2 stubbornness, and playing on "Going Rogue" difficulty will give 180 xp.