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Skill alchemy2 64
You can bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Alchemy0 64
Potions 101With basic alchemy knowledge, you can mix small potions more-or-less accurately.
Dmg acidic resist+1
Stat sagacity+1
Stat alchemy+1
Alchemy1 64
DistillistryYou can mix more, better, and purer.
Dmg putrefying resist+1
Stat sagacity+1
Stat alchemy+1
Alchemy2 64
TransmutationerAdvanced alchemical training allows you to transmute gems randomly.
Dmg acidic resist+1
Stat sagacity+1
Stat alchemy+1
Ability: Gem Transmutation
Alchemy3 64
MixologistYou can mix all kinds of potions in alarming combinations.
Dmg conflagratory resist+1
Stat sagacity+1
Stat alchemy+1
Skill alchemy
High-energy AlchemistOh, what power you can place in a bottle!
Dmg acidic resist+2
Stat sagacity+1
Stat alchemy+1
Alchemical inspiration64
PotionmasterIt is potion, elixir, philter which flow in your veins now more than the base blood of men.
Dmg aethereal resist+2
Stat sagacity+2
Stat liferegen+1 Stat manaregen+1 Stat alchemy+1
  • Gem transmutation does not turn a stack of gems into another stack, it turns a stack of gems into ONE gem. Split up gems before transmuting. Emeralds are the costliest gems.
  • Every level of this increases the yield you get from creating booze. This is incredibly powerful, as when you reach level 5 you can turn a single pear into 9 bottles of pear brandy or an apple into 9 bottles of apple brandy. Save every pear, apple, and plum you can find until you hit level 5.
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